Players' Code of Conduct

UpdatedThursday October 26, 2017 byLinda DiCapua.




  We pledge to follow HYAL’S Code of Conduct:


1.     I will remember that playing in HYAL’s league is about enjoyment and improving my skills and my character.


2.     I understand that playing in HYAL’s league is about being a good team player, not about winning at all costs.


3.     I will play with honesty, integrity, and fairness.


4.     I will show consideration, compassion, and respect for my fellow team members and all other players.


5.     I will remember to not use “trash talk,” or any foul or inappropriate language, whether spoken out loudly for everyone to hear, or softly, under my breath, only audible to another person or player very close by.


6.     I will not yell or scream at other players. I will not insult other players, even if they insult me first.


7.     I will control my emotions and respect the officials’ decisions, even if I personally disagree with the decision.


8.     I understand that if I cannot control my temper, use foul language, or otherwise show poor sportsmanship, I will need to sit out until I regain control over my emotions.


9.     I will show respect to all coaches, all other players, all officials, and all parents.


10. I will shake hands with the other team at the conclusion of all games.


11. I will remember to remain humble, regardless of whether my team wins or loses a game. In case my team wins a game, I will not gleefully celebrate in front of the losing team or ‘rub it in’ in any other way. In case my team loses a game, I will not scowl or whine about or begrudge the other team’s win in any other way.


12. I understand that if I do not follow these rules, I will be suspended from my team and from HYAL’s league.